Product range

The fixings and fasteners offered by our company include made-to-drawing custom bolts as well as standard cold-forged fasteners.

We offer our top-quality products in a wide range of sizes and protective coatings, made to match our customers’ individual needs. Products with ŁF mark can be found in all sectors where reliability and high quality are of the essence.

StandardsDIN – ISO – EN – ANSI – custom specifications and drawings

Coatings offered:


Zinc flake:

  • Geomet
  • Delta Protekt
  • Magni
  • Zintek

Galvanic coatings:

  • Cr(III) zinc
  • Cr(III) zinc + thick-layer passivation
  • ZnNi
  • Phosphate coating

Hot-dip galvanization

Pre-applied coatings:

  • Precote
  • Scotch Grip
  • Nylon patch

Within the RAWLPLUG Group, we also manufacture the following ranges:

  • R-LX & R-HLX concrete screw anchors
  • R-XPT and R-HPT throughbolts (carbon steel, stainless steel, ZP, ZF, HDG coatings and UV coating)
  • R-RB all-purpose expansion anchors
  • FF1 frame fixings
  • powder coating of self-drilling screws
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