Set up production of M30 in cold forging technology.

We have started production on machines SACMA SP660 AL and INGRAMATIC RP92. This is only one set of machines in Poland and one of the few in Europe. Machines allow us to produce screws from M30 with the length of 240 mm in cold forging technology. Thanks to them we can expand the range of production for parts M27 and M30 forged in cold technology and also increase flexibility of parts M20 and M24.

Basic/Main parameters of press SP600 AL.:

  • cutting diameter 31 mm
  • length of cutting 300 mm
  • length of stuffing 240 mm
  • press power 5000kN

Rolling machine RP92 has range of rolling from M20 to M33

The press is equipped in number of elements which facilitate and improve work ergonomics such as: platforms for changing equipment, hydraulic handles etc.

The installation of the machine was the big logistic challenge, because the weight of the main body of the machine was above 100 tonnes. It required arranging special transports, making additional foundations. The whole operation was successful. Machines realize current production.

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