New heat treatment line

obróbka cieplna w Koelner Łańcucka Fabryka Śrub

Heat treatment is a key process in the production of fasteners. It improves the physical parameters of the parts, enabling them to achieve the required strength properties necessary for their intended applications.

The heat treatment process consists of technological procedures involving changes in the material’s structure under the influence of time and temperature. Simply put, it is the process of heating metal to a specific temperature, maintaining it at that temperature, and then cooling it.

So far, to carry out this process at the Bolt Factory in Łańcut, we had at our disposal 4 lines. We decided to expand our potential in this area by purchasing a new San-Yung heat treatment line, which allows us to significantly increase our production capacity.

Unlike other heat treatment lines at the Koelner Łańcut Bolt Factory, this new acquisition is 100% electric. The new line was officially launched in November.

We hope that our continuous efforts and investments in the expansion of our machine park will have a positive impact on the satisfaction of our customers.

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